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Abu Dhabi is the largest city of United Arab Emirates. The city has evolved as one of the world's richest locations owing to its discoveries of oil. This makes Abu Dhabi the best land for businessmen who want to establish their oil plants.

We can help you discover the best business opportunities, evaluate the associated risks with projects in Abu Dhabi and increase your profit margins. Our services are especially designed to cater every industry irrespective of its size, type, or nature of the business.

At, we provide you timely update about all the business opportunities that can help you stand ahead against competitors. We can provide you detailed information about the various construction tenders in Abu Dhabi including their personal information such as name, description, tender announcement and submission date and budget.

Whether you are looking out for a businessman dealing in the agriculture industry or a contractor to undertake your hospitality business contract, you can easily discover each and every type of project and tender on our website.

So, do not wait anymore and get the latest information about your business. Register with us or call us now for assistance. We are always there to serve you 24*7 in Abu Dhabi.
Trade Categories
Airport and aviation, products, services & technologies.

Access Controls, Baggage Handling, Airfield Lighting
Hotels & Hospitality Services

Kitchen Equipment, Catering Services, Uniforms, Man Power
Infrastructure, Roads & Bridges

Consultancy Services, Bridge, Civil Works, Fences, Traffic Signals, Tunnel
Oil & Gas Exploration

Offshore, OnShore, Chemicals, Filters, Gasket & Rings, Safety Equipment & Clothing
Agricultural and Irrigation Products

Irrigation materials, Water pumps Fertilizers, Tractors, Pipes
Hospital & Laboratory Equipment

Ambulance, Rescue Vehicles, Insurance Services, Medical Equipment
Industrial & Turnkey Projects.

Cranes, Steel Plants, Heavy Machinery, Industrial Equipments
Power and Energy

SCADA, Power Plants, Cable Installation, Transformer, Boilers, Switchgears
Construction Technology & Building Material.

High Towers
Villas Residential, Hardware Items, Cleaning Services

Computer Software, ERP solution, Hardware Accessories, Satellite, CCTV system, Internet Products, AV Products, GPS & GIS Systems
Marine Services & Seaports

Harbour Cranes, Boats & Tugboat, Dredging and Reclamation works, Diesel Engines, Cargo Handling
Sewerage & Waste Management

Pumping Networks, Wastewater O&M, Wastewater Network, Sewage Treatment
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